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Logo program "Enhance the effort"

Potenciar el esfuerzo

This program is focused on providing and certifying vocational training, increasing literacy and encouraging the completion of secondary studies, especially in women and young adults. We organize craft workshops and training in: gardening, sewing, cooking and baking, along with work ventures (e.g. catering for events).  Also, we hold annual courses for geriatric carers that are validated and certified by the provincial Ministry of Social Development and various cultural activities.



  • To train young adults in cooking and baking, gardening, sewing and geriatric care, providing certification to promote job search.

  • To allow women and young adults in the neighborhood to contribute to the maintenance of their homes through work ventures.

  • To contribute to the development of the center's activities by involving women and young adults in the maintenance of common spaces and the preparation of catering for community events.

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