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If you are interested in our project and you can dedicate some of your time to help us, your help is more than welcome!

We need you to commit as much time as possible and want to give Maná in the task that you can offer us:

  • Professional services : doctors, stimulators, speech therapists, psychopedagogues, primary or secondary level teachers, literacy educators, garden activities, Physical Education teachers, accounting and legal advice, marketing, entrepreneurship, etc.

  • Workshops : sewing, weaving, painting, ceramics, music, cooking, pastry, jewelry, gardening.

  • Maintenance tasks : gas, electricity, blacksmith, etc.

  • Nursery assistant, school support, games and picnic area for children.

  • Transportation, logistics, event organization.

  • Dissemination and development of funds.

If you have clothes, shoes, kitchen utensils, food, powdered milk, diapers and baby wheels, cleaning supplies and toiletries, furniture, appliances in good condition and in working order, stationery, games in good condition, bicycles, construction materials, sanitary and plumbing, lighting fixtures, etc, contact us so we can coordinate the delivery. We assure you to give them a good destination!


MONEY DONATIONS: with official receipt for tax deductions (if applicable).

One click can help us a lot!


Sharing this page is a way to collaborate in the dissemination of our activities, and thus give more people the opportunity to get to know us and help us.

If , in addition, you have access to some other form of dissemination, such as fairs, newspapers, television programs or web pages where you consider it useful to present our project, tell us your proposal!

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Volunteers unloading boxes from a car


food boxes


A table with catering products produced by Maná


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