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Centro CONIN

As a CONIN Network Center, we work on the Prevention of Child Malnutrition using a comprehensive approach to the problem that includes educational workshops for mothers, professional care for children from 0 to 5 years old and assistance through different programs. We promote joint actions with the public sector, without falling into welfare that may generate dependency.



  • To prevent child malnutrition in the neighborhood called "Esfuerzo Propio", promoting the integral development of the family so that it is able to satisfy their needs and raise their cultural and social expectations.

  • To preserve the brain within the first 18 months of children's lives, which is the key stage that will define their future development.

  • To attend to children under 5 years of age at risk of malnutrition with the CONIN methodology, addressing their problems through pediatric and nutritional diagnosis, social assistance and early stimulation.

  • To promote hygiene, feeding, stimulation, clothing and other habits in families, training mothers through workshops.



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