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Logo program "Casa de José"

Casa de José

Focused on adolescents between 13 and 18 years old, the aim of this program is to create a multidisciplinary educational space, where they are accompanied in their growth process, strengthening their self-esteem, sense of responsibility and health care. We encourage and guide them in the development of life projects through school support, job training and daily sports and art workshops. 

In December 2009, work with adolescents began through informal meetings and craft workshops that helped create an environment of familiarity, respect and exchange. Since February 2010, activities focus more on reintegration and permanence in the school system through school support and help in the  registration of the teenagers and young adults that had dropped out of schools in new educational establishments.



  • To encourage access and permanence in school, trying to involve adolescents themselves and their families in the search for a meaning to the effort put into education.

  • To act as a link between the different educational establishments and the students, considering the school as the main mechanism of inclusion.

  • To strengthen family and social ties with their peers or with adults from their own community, to prevent them from ending up homeless or institutionalized.

  • To stimulate, through cultural and recreational activities, the recovery of basic values that make up the identity and self-esteem of young people in risky situations.

  • To strengthen the ability of adolescents to properly cope with drug addiction, violence and other problems to which they are exposed.

  • To provide the necessary job training so that young people have actual possibilities of access to the labor market.

  • To provide information about the health and care of one's own body, through professional supervision and through training in sports.



  • Life in nature

  • Movie theater

  • Community garden

  • School support

  • Arts

  • Circus


This program is performed in collaboration with INTA - Pro-Huerta Program, companies in the area, professional volunteers and other organizations and educational, religious and public welfare institutions and the Ministry of Education of the Municipality.

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