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To promote the integral development of families and the improvement of their living conditions through programs that contribute in the most effective and efficient way possible to a dignified life, making them the protagonists and motors of their own destiny.

Objetives of the organization


  • To eradicate child malnutrition, starting with the "Esfuerzo Propio" neighborhood in Venado Tuerto, Argentina,  and then extending to the rest of the city's neighborhoods, addressing the problem in a comprehensive manner through the implementation of Prevention and Human Promotion programs following the CONIN methodology.


  • To accompany children, adolescents and young people from low-income families in their process of growth, strengthening their self-esteem, sense of responsibility and health care and enabling the design of alternative projects for their lives, through comprehensive education and job training.

  • To favor community development through infrastructure improvement programs and recovery of public space, with the active and voluntary participation of the neighbors of the Esfuerzo Propio neighborhood.

  • To train and certify job training . To alphabetize and to facilitate the completion of secondary education.

A teacher teaching a child to write

Our activity is supported by subsidies from the National, Provincial and Municipal Governments, private contributions, Corporate Social Responsibility grants, a wide network of institutions that promote our work, and some fundraising events that take place throughout the year.

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