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De Todos

Community Development Program that seeks to improve the neighborhood's infrastructure: recovering and sustaining public space, reforming homes through supervised construction (financed by micro-credits), landscaping, lighting and maintenance of the plaza and the sports area. Developed in conjunction with the National Ministry of Social Development and that of the Province of Santa Fe, the Municipality of Venado Tuerto and private contributions. More than 350 residents actively participate in the program.



  • To encourage the active participation of neighbors in the development and maintenance of the neighborhood infrastructure.

  • To favor the feeling of belonging to a community with shared projects, needs and responsibilities.

  • To strengthen public-private ties and disseminate the networking methodology, so that it can be replicated in other spaces in the city. The integral development of a community requires a multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral approach to the problem. Networking enhances the efforts of each institution.

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